The actionista-todoist package contains several command line apps (CLIs):

  • todoist-action-cli - also available as actionista-todoist.
  • todoist-cli.
  • actionista-todoist-config.

The todoist-action-cli CLI program uses the "action chain" approach, where you specify a sequence of "actions", which are used to filter/select tasks from Todoist and then sort, print, or reschedule the selected tasks in a batch-wise fashion.

The todoist-cli CLI program is used mostly for things that doesn't fit the "action chain" philosophy. For instance, if you want to add a new task, that doesn't really fit into the todoist-action-cli workflow.(*) Instead, you can use todoist-cli add-task command to add a new task to Todoist. The todoist-cli is also used for other things, e.g. printing a list of your projects, etc. You can run todoist-cli --help to see all available commands.

Finally, the actionista-todoist-config CLI program is used to set up Actionista-Todoist, configuring your API login token, and creating a default configuration file.

(*) The todoist-action-cli can technically be used to add tasks to Todoist, using the -add-task action command - however, this is not the recommended approach.