Alternative Todoist CLI

This package also provides a more "traditional" CLI for Todoist.

The traditional CLI currently provides the following features:

  • add-task - which can be used to add a new task to Todoist.
  • print-projects - which can be used to print your Todoist projects.


Example: Add a new task:

Add a task:

$ todoist-cli add-task "Test task 1234"

Add a task, specifying due-date, project, labels, priority, and a note:

$ todoist-cli add-task "Test task 1235 @devtest" --due "tomorrow 2 pm" --project "Todoist-playground" --label "playground" --priority p4 --note "This is a third note"

As you can see, you can add labels using "@label" as you do in the Todoist web-app, or using --label <label>. The following three commands are all equivalent:

$ todoist-cli add-task "Test task 1235" --label "playground" --label devtest
$ todoist-cli add-task "Test task 1235 @devtest" --label "playground"
$ todoist-cli add-task "Test task 1235 @devtest @playground"

Note that todoist-cli add-task is equivalent to todoist-add-task. You can use whichever format you prefer.

Example: Print projects

You can use the print-projects CLI command to print your Todoist projects:

$ todoist-cli print-projects